How to Cope with ‘Import MBOX Greyed Out-File’ Issue?

Mozilla Thunderbird is a broadly used email client. A huge number of users migrate or save their data into the MBOX file format easily access the file within the Thunderbird profile. It stores emails in MBOX/MBX format. Everybody is quite conscious of its functionality and is being used among multiple users and in many organizations. Communication through emails allows users to exchange documents, videos, images, and more. However, just as other file formats the users also encounter several issues with MBOX from time to time. Out of all arises issues, the Import MBOX greyed out-file is the most common one. Due to this issue, the import MBOX folder in the Thunderbird application becomes nearly impossible. Also, causes problems in accessing emails.

Whenever this issue arises you will see the below message on your screen:

Cannot Import messages: “The Import Messages from a Directory” is Light Grey.

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Possible Causes for Import MBOX Greyed Out-File Issue

  • This issue might occur due to corruption in the MBOX file that Thunderbird failed to detect.
  • One more possible prospect could be that the Thunderbird application has some issue or it is not updated which causes the issues or restrictions to function the basic tasks.
  • Check the header of your MBOX file to make sure the structure is not damaged. In case, the structure is not damaged try to import any other MBOX file and check if the issue there. If the problem still lying, there might be issues with the Thunderbird account and you need to check for updating and any update.

Manual Solution to fix Import MBOX Greyed Out-File Issue

Perform the below given manual steps after you noticed the “Import MBOX Greyed Out-File” issue.

  • Shut the Thunderbird application, after a few moments restart it and try to import the MBOX file.
  • Pay a glance at the file structure of the MBOX file, particularly the header.
  • Try to update the Thunderbird application to the latest available version.
  • Disable add-ons and other software applications triggering conflicts.

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Professional Approach to Fix Import MBOX Greyed Out-File Issue

If you are running out of time and don’t have much time to perform manual steps, you can try the professional way to deal with “Import MBOX Greyed Out-File Issue”. You can see the MBOX file data by using the Shoviv MBOX Viewer. 

Shoviv Free MBOX Viewer Software is the best utility to deal with this issue, it is a free tool that allows you to read, view, and open the MBOX data with any trouble.

Features of Tool to View MBOX Files

View MBOX Files with Attachments

One of the key features of this tool is that; it allows you to view the MBOX files even with the attachment of any size. You can view every property from the MBOX file such as attachments, events, and other details.

Adds multiple MBOX emails

This tool is designed with powerful features and allows you to view data from the multiple files at one time without affecting the speed and performance.

Support for corrupt MBOX files

The best thing about this tool is you can view the data even from the damaged or corrupted files. If you accidentally deleted the files from the mailbox, you can view it with this tool.

Simple & User-friendly GUI

You don’t need to be technically skilled to operate this tool, even the novice users can perform the task. It has a simple and user-friendly interface which makes the process simpler for anyone.

Use all Software Features at Free of Cost

This tool provides the hassle-free viewing experience of complete MBOX email items without spending a single penny. You can simply add single or multiple MBOX files and get the results in the original hierarchical structure, and have a clear preview of all MBOX email items.

The functioning of Shoviv MBOX Viewer Tool
  • Download the tool from the website (prefer to download to the demo version to evaluate the effectiveness of the tool) and install it in your device.
  • Open the tool and select the MBOX email client.
  • Now, add the MBOX files or you can add the folder.
  • The mailbox data including all mailbox folders will be shown. Click on any MBOX mailbox folder to view the complete preview.

Therefore, this tool is an easy way to view read and open the MBOX files even without the MBOX email client. It gives the complete overview of files or folders along with the meta properties. If you ever encounter Import MBOX Greyed Out-File again you have this tool to tackle the issue. The demo version gives you an exact overview of the premium or licensed version of this tool but with the limited usages. It can support the top 20 emails client such as Eudora, Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Sea Monkey, etc. For all the other issues related to MBOX; Shoviv Software has a solution for all. You can easily access Shoviv MBOX Converter for the conversion-related issue.

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