Export Bulk PST’s for all Disabled users Mailboxes – Exchange server

One of the most common step organization do follow is they keep Terminated or No-longer employees mails, so that they can find any important discussion or transaction that might have happened in the past, some organization do litigation hold or online achieve.
But today we are going to talk about exporting PST’s, a PST can we exported from a mailbox that includes all the mails from all the folders and Calendar that can be easily accessed and opened in outlook.

Steps to export PST for disabled accounts.
1.  Granting User Rights for Mailbox Exports to do this open Powershell and exchange PowerShell and run

New-ManagementRoleAssignment –Role “Mailbox Import Export” –User ‘usernamehere’
2.  Create a Network Share for Mailbox Exports

Create a folder on Local or other file server and share it give read/write permissions to Exchange Trusted Subsystem group and copy the share path and replace in the script’s file path.

3. Launch PowerShell for exchange as we are ready to export run the following script.

$mailboxes = Get-Mailbox -ResultSize Unlimited | ? { $_.ExchangeUserAccountControl -like “AccountDisabled” }

foreach ($mailbox in $Mailboxes) {



Write-Host “`nStarted processing $name” -ForegroundColor Cyan

     New-MailboxExportRequest -Mailbox $mx -FilePath \\server\pst\$mx.pst

  • Some of the helpful commands to see progress

 Get-MailboxExportRequest | ? {$_.Status -eq “running” -or $_.Status -eq “InProgress”}

 Get-MailboxExportRequest | ? {$_.Status -eq “failed”}

  • To stop when completed

Get-MailboxRestoreRequest -Status Completed | Remove-MailboxRestoreRequest

  • To Force Stop

Get-MailboxRestoreRequest -Status Completed | Remove-MailboxRestoreRequest

The above steps are one such requisite method through which the users can export PST files. However, the above methods can only be embraced by the technical experts as working with above methodology gets difficult for the non-technical users. These methods demand technical expertise in which the novice user may find themselves in a problematic situation when exporting PST’s.

For such non-technical users, there are a prominent method (third-party solution) available which can easily export PST mailboxes without damaging the original content of the files. These methods work flawlessly without any complications and do not require any technical support. Another major aspect of using these methods is that it does not require any additional configuration as per the above scenario of launching PowerShell for exchange. Thus, we would like to suggest you Shoviv Exchange Server Suite.

This tool is one of the most versatile solutions which not only recovers EDB files but is also capable of exporting the source mailboxes to PST, Office 365 and Live Exchange. It comes with wide variety of beneficial features which can save the source mailbox also.

Notes: The source mailbox may include EDB files, Exchange server mailboxes and Office 365 mailboxes.    

Some of the most salient features of this software can be stated below:-

  • Add PST profile and mailboxes to export to Outlook PST, Office 365 and live exchange server.
  • Preview the added PST files.
  • Check/Uncheck the add PST mailbox for the conversion.
  • Filter option to include and exclude mailbox using message class and message date.
  • Export and create a New PST files options.
  • Option to split PST files according to preference.

Apart from the above features, some additional features of the software are as follows:-

  • Recovery of inaccessible and corrupted EDB files.
  • Export source mailbox to Outlook PST, Office 365 and live exchange.
  • Save source items in various file formats such as MSG, EML, HTML, RTF, etc.
  • Automatic mapping of source mailbox and target mailbox.
  • Export added source mailbox in Public folder and archive mailbox.


Hence, we would like to conclude that for the non-technical user, it is better to opt for a solution which is simple and swift, rather than opting for a solution which requires a lot of technical complication while performing migration process. These technical complications can damage or corrupt the data while migrating PST mailboxes along with alteration of original content in case the process is not performed accurately.

Thus, using the third-party solution like, Shoviv Exchange Recovery Manager is the best recommendation that can be provided to the users when migrating PST mailboxes.

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