Exchange Server Backup

All you need to know about Exchange Server Backup in PST

Data is an important asset for everyone and no one ever want to lose the data. Accidental data can be a disaster for any organization. Taking backup of mailboxes is a precaution that helps in case of data loss. In this article, we will know about various aspects of Exchange Server Mailbox Backup in PST.

Microsoft Exchange Server is an Email, Calendaring, Contact, Scheduling and Collaboration Platform which is deployed on Windows Server O.S. It is licensed both as on-premises software and Software as a Service. But several Factors insists users for having a backup of Exchange Server Mailboxes in PST.

Why to Backup Exchange Server Mailboxes in PST?

  • Having a backup in PST files helps a lot in case of accidental data loss.
  • If due to any reason you are unable to access the Exchange Server; your backup which is in PST file can be directly accessed.
  • PST files are easy to port hence very handy if you are shifting from one portal to another.

How to Backup Exchange Server Mailboxes in PST?

Backup is an important process and no one should take it lightly. Backup is all about migrating data from one place to another safe place where data is in your access when needed. To backup Exchange Server Mailboxes into PST, users have options to go with Manual way and Professional way. Manually using Windows Server Backup or by Exporting Mailboxes to PST Files this task can be accomplished but not with proficiency. The manual way doesn’t provide a safe and professional way as it has many drawbacks.

 Drawbacks of Manual Method:

  • There are chances of loss of mailbox; any mistake in executing the process can lead to a major loss.
  • Technical knowledge is a must to execute the task properly.
  • Lack of user-oriented features, a dedicated disk is always must for scheduled backups in Windows Server Backup.
  • On Exchange Server 2008, Windows Backup Server isn’t installed by default.
Using Professional Tool:

For professional work using a professional way is always wise. For Exchange Server Mailboxes Backup into PST file, Shoviv Software is a picture-perfect tool that comes with the number of user-oriented features and functionalities. This tool is built with a highly advanced algorithm thus it is very proficient in working. Its GUI helps to properly execute the process.

Salient features of Shoviv Exchange Backup and Restore:
  • The Software takes backup in PST file that can be open in any version of MS Outlook and can be previewed.
  • It can smoothly backup multiple mailboxes with no restriction on size. I.e. Archive Mailbox, User Mailbox and Public Folder.
  • Shoviv Exchange Server Backup and Restore offer option to schedule the backup and select the option like Monthly, Weekly and Daily backup. It aids in having a timely backup.
  • Full and Incremental backup option is its most advanced feature. In case if backup process interrupts or for any reason you have to take back up again, by this feature only unbacked up data will export. It prevents the duplicity of data.
  • It works on job-based processing hence no need to create connection all-time for taking backup from an Exchange. Software is also capable of running multiple jobs at a time.
  • The Software also facilitates an item filter option that filters based on Message Class and Date Range.
  • Shoviv Exchange Server Backup and Restore Software is also capable of restoring mailboxes to Exchange Server from PST file.
  • At the end of the process, it generates a status report of the full process. Users can also save the report for the future.
Final Words:

Backup helps in downtime when you are not able to access the data for any reason. In the severe condition of data loss, it aids in retrieving the data. Exchange Server mailboxes’ backup in PST file is important and must to do the task for Exchange users. The manual way is not suitable for this scenario as it has some limitations. Shoviv Exchange Server Backup and Restore Software provide a professional way for this. It is a secured, safe and reliable method to backup Exchange mailboxes. To check its working and efficiency a free trial/demo version of the software is also available to download. The demo version allows backup of first 50 items per folder.


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